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A recent look at this excellent website revealed over 40 workshops listed for locations all over the country. Topics ranged from laboratory safety to grantwriting to using the Internet. Bookmark this site as one you should check often.


GOENC.COM offers valuable classroom links, links to standards/curriculum frameworks, and links in their professional development exchange. Remember that a link will take you out of the site where you currently are and into another one, without having to back your way out or load another URL. Visit this site to find out about the Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa, The Atlantis Space Shuttle from NASA, the animals at the San Diego Zoo, and much, much more. (goenc.com is now a subscription based service.)


For more links, please visit Teacher Tidbits.


Try these great links for a variety of educational information



Alliance to Save Energy


American Wind Energy Association


Edison Electric Institute


Edison National Historic Site


U.S. Department of Energy

This site has good sections on energy sources and production.


U.S. Energy Information Administration Kid’s Page


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network


Eric Weistein’s World of Science


How Stuff Works

This is a great practical web site for science and technology, as well as other subject areas.


Smithsonian Institution

"Powering a Generation of Change"—project to document the restructuring of electrical power as it occurs over the coming years


Lesson plans regarding geothermal energy


How a geothermal power plant works.


Wind energy basics


Get into Energy

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